Our contribution to the 35th AEAA conference 

A Cito delegation by Mr Frans Kleintjes and Mr Nico Dieteren attended the 35th conference of the  Association for Educational Assessment in Africa (AEAA). Cito contributed to the conference by attending the various sessions, participation in the social program and giving two presentations.

Conference theme: Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness                                        in educational assessment in an era of rapid change

Our first contribution ‘Celebrating educational progress’  under the subtheme ‘ASSESSMENT OF
LEARNING OR ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING’ is about the pilot project by Cito about the development of a prototype of an assessment program that facilitates teachers in shaping flexible education in the Netherlands. The prototype includes both teacher and student apps. The program combines badges with principles of formative assessment, and consists of small tests that aim to measure very small learning objectives in math. A student is able to celebrate their learning achievements once a specific learning objective is reached, and average students will work on approximately two learning objectives a week. 
By sharing this experience it is our belief, that we may inspire new initiatives in formative assessment, that results in a better understanding of the learner and specific support to the learner in moving through the learning objectives.      

Another contribution was made under the subtheme ‘STANDARD SETTING PROCEDURES IN EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT’ on an advanced methodology for standardsetting: ‘Computerized standardsetting using the 3DC’. The Data Driven Direct Consensus procedure (3DC) is a very flexible method for standard setting. It borrows considerably from the Direct Consensus procedure but it adds psychometrical rigour and guidance for the panellists by providing extra information about the relative difficulty of the clusters of items in relation to each other and to the test score. 
By using the open source software it will enable those interested in setting appropriate standards, to conduct a standard setting in an advanced, yet efficient way, especially suitable for digital tests.  

This conference took place in Kampala, Uganda, from 7 – 11 August 2017. For more information, please visit the website of the organisation.