Early Childhood Education

Equal opportunities in education do not start when a child enters primary education, but before. To ensure that children derive maximum benefit from their years at school, it is important to stimulate and support their development as early as possible to prevent language deficiency and other developmental setbacks.

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Cito developed a range of products to stimulate, observe and measure the development of young children in Daycare Centers and Kindergartens:

  • Certified programmes for early childhood education (Piramide Approach) 
  • Professional Development programmes for teachers 
  • Mentor-coach programmes
  • Blended learning for teachers and parents 
  • Printed resources, a collection of project books, manuals and assessment tools 
  • Monitoring systems for toddlers 
  • Language and arithmetic tests for toddlers

The Piramide Approach to Early Learning is sold to De Rolfgroup in january 2017. 
“Tell me and I forget,
teach me and I may remember,
involve me and I learn
(Benjamin Franklin)”

The Piramide approach

The Piramide Approach to Early Learning is a scientifically-based and internationally recognized approach for early childhood education. Developed by Cito.

The Piramide Approach is designed to prepare children from 0-6 years of age for school success. It has delivered exceptional results, especially in the areas of language, mathematics and social- emotional development. The Piramide Approach is effective for all ability levels, including children needing intense language and developmental support.

Effectiveness backed by international research

Piramide is the leading Early Childhood programme in the Netherlands and is widely used in Germany and Japan. The approach has been piloted in the United States in the last five years with promising results. Several international research studies have shown the effectiveness of Piramide.
We worked closely with governments, ministries of education, school boards and early childhood centers.

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